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Transformative Heavy Load, Low Power Magnetic Levitation System

US Positronix (USP) has developed a levitation system that transports packages, cargo, people, robots, and equipment throughout a warehouse or factory safely and cost effectively, providing a fully integrated and autonomous logistics solution that is both lower cost and more flexible than existing autonomous mobile robot (AMR) systems. USP’s levitation system provides warehouse and fulfillment center owners the ability to maximize profits, while creating a safe, worker friendly environment

Platform Technology: A Mobility Platform for Robot Manufacturers and Automation System Integrators



Modular, 4ftx4ft electromechanical systems that provide the magnetic forces needed to levitate and transport movers (levitated objects). Tiles can be interconnected to create a larger levitation zone.


Non-powered structures which magnetically interact with underlying tiles to levitate and move. Movers can be interconnected to increase their size, and load capacity. Standard movers are designed to carry a cargo of boxes, crates, cases, or cartons. 

Mobile Platforms

Movers that are designed to levitate and transport people or robots are called mobile platforms.

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